Pradyut Kumar Talukdar

Managing Director
PRAYAS International Ltd.

Royal Cafe is the one of the best coffee brand in Bangladesh. We have a vision for 2024: Empowering societies by the coffee industries for removing job crisis from the country. We want to build a company that creates shareholder value and delivers sustainable long-term growth. In order to do that, we have a clear road map. We are rapidly shifting our company to be sales – and – service company. We are continuously investing in our commercial capabilities to support our customers and expanding our digital reach to grow with them. We continue to offer our consumers a wide choice of products fit for every lifestyle and occasion.

We focus on developing our brand portfolio through brand and flavor expansion to be able to meet the emerging tastes of our consumers. Our ambition is to become a great place to work, which is inclusive, diverse and inspiring with its key organizational and leadership capabilities. Our mission is providing continuous, convenient, healthier and affordable coffee, tea drinking facilities in every area of Bangladesh.

In the medium and long run, with its strong leadership, powerful brands and efficient business model, Royal is very well poised to successfully grow and expand its business as one of the largest coffee brands operating in geography of rapidly developing market