Welcome to the world of “Royal Café”. Royal Cafe is one of the best coffee brands in Bangladesh. We have expanded our business almost all over the country. It is a sister concern of PRAYAS international ltd.

We are basically manufacturing very high-quality instant coffee, tea and supplying various types of vending machines to serve our valued clients. We are importing most of our raw materials from South Korea. We have 7 type of beverage products & 5 type of coffee vending machines.


Prayas Group—Benevolent for Sports !

Ramjibanpur Sporting Club defeated Banglabazar Honda Team 1-0 in the Banglabazar Matsya Arat Football Tournament of Rafinagar Union of Dirai Thana. Ramjibanpur became the champion in a thrilling final match between Ramjibanpur vs Banglabazar Honda team held at Banglabazar ground of Rafinagar union of Dirai upazila on Friday 11th June 2021 at 4 pm. Prayas…

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Start & Grow with Royal Cafe

Starting simple is a great beginning to a successful business venture. That business is a coffee selling from vending machine business. That’s right, owning your own shop and selling coffee through vending machine business is the first step to being a successful coffee business owner. Its potential for good profit in every single day. Being…

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Benefits of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is very popular in many areas of the world. It may even account for more than 50% of total coffee consumption in some countries. Instant coffee is also faster, cheaper and easier to make than regular coffee. As is well-known by now, drinking Instant coffee is linked to many health benefits. What is…

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